19 June 2011

Birds of Hatgal Forest for Brass Quintet

Hatgal is a region in Mongolia - mostly unknown to foreigners and removed from stereotypical perceptions of Mongolian landscapes as plains of Gobi desert and rocks-filled steppes.

"Birds of Hatgal Forest" is a 6:30 piece inspired by sounds of birds, their interlocking patterns and brief melodies derived from randomly overlapping "melodic gestures". Glimpses of tonality here and there - accidental? Maybe intentional. As day passes, light changes - birds commencing new stories and their responses are flowing away with dynamic elements of the landscape - clouds, rivers, wind...

Brass Quintet seemed like the perfect choice - no woodwinds to induce stereotypical picture of singing birds... "Rawness" of brass striving for its gentle side when needed only to demonstrate its tutti power afterwards...

Below excerpt contain only first 9 pages. The whole score will be available from Wirripang soon. Or currently directly from composer ;)

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