17 August 2013

Psychedelic Sonic Journey Through Victorian Countryside

Desolated plains of Australian countryside, forests sharing its skyline with bush, sleepy roads and hidden paths leading to unknown places... Marko's film - premiered last May in Cannes Short Film Corner - was a fantastic visual inspiration leading me through the exploration of my woodwind collection. Most profound sounds are those of fujara - Slovakian mountaineers' overtone flute - Irish low whistle, bassoon, ney, duduk, tin whistles - they all fit seamlessly with the landscapes I was presented with by the director. However the music would never happen without Ukrainian bandura, zither and our modest piano. Like a glue to interweave throughout contrasting textures: human voice and a handful of electronic gadgets... Did I mention jaw harp? ;)

"The Journey - Original Soundtrack" will be available soon on iTunes, AmazonMP3 and other digital retailers - stay tuned :)

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